Upcoming AirPods 2 features

Upcoming Apple AirPods 2 has amazing features with sensors and tracking features Earphones or airports are one of the best things in your mobile phones two Singh songs watch videos and more more other things upcoming Apple AirPods 2 might have some interesting and new features added in it. According to several resources it is […]

China’s snapchat smart classes

China’s snapchat smart classes named Weishi is now coming for spanchat with awesome new look and have more fun  Chinese website  Tencent introduce is on smart classes for Snapchat. Pronounce this product this week the smart glasses called Weishi. Spectacles. Made for Summer. This device classes are must be there with the list latest version […]

Cyber attacks and online frauds in Pakistan

Cyber attacks on Islamic Banks and online frauds in Pakistan  Recently Pakistan faced many cyber attacks and online frauds cases from different cities of PakistanRecently pakistani banking system suffer cyber attacks on international online shopping system and they try transact 26 million rupees from different accounts but due to logout from International online system this […]

Chinese SUV machine gun with luxury Vahicle

Chinese SUV machine gun with luxury Vahicle Chinese SUV machine gun with luxury Vahicle Attached with 50 calibre machine gun.  With the advancement of Technology armies of different countries also developed different armd Technologies recently chinese defence authority’s and contactors make a vehicle with a roof mounted remotely controlled 50 calibre machine gun. These kinds […]

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